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What is Ashtanga Yoga?






Ian sells numerous books, CDs and DVDs on Ashtanga Yoga. These can act as invaluable aids to your practice, but are never an adequate substitute for a good teacher.

Postage & Packing prices quoted are for the UK; for Europe/Rest of the World please enquire. Send a cheque (sorry, no credit cards), payable to ‘Ian Macdonald’ 14 Chalfont Road, Oxford OX2 6TH.Tel. 01865 421234 (Mon-Sat 9am - 7 pm) Updated 11/3/13

Books, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Blocks, Mats, Bags, T-shirts Download the catalogue

Ashtanga Yoga by Lino Miele, with drawings by John Scott, 4th ed. hardback, 166 pp, with photos of Sharath, published under the guidance of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois 29 + £3 p.& p.

1)Primary Series Full Vinyasa DVD 24 + £1 p & p.

2)2nd & 3rd Series DVD, Gwendoline Hunt & Lino 24 + £1 p.& p.

3)Primary Series in Argentina 24 + £1.20 p.& p.

Ashtanga Yoga. The Practice Manual, An Illustrated Guide to Personal Practice by David Swenson 265 pages, over 300 b & w photos, large format, hardback with a spiral binding 21.50 + 5.50 p & p. We still have Videos 3 + 1.50 p.& p; and Cassettes 3 + 90p p.& p.

Click here for more information on David Swenson's books etc Download more info

John Scott’s DVD: Ashtanga Yoga, The Primary Series’ by John Scott with five play options, 15 minutes  up to full primary series RRP £24.95  £17 + £1.20 postage & packing.

John Scott’s Book: Ashtanga Yoga, The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Dynamic Yoga 140 pp, 2000 paperback. Introduction to the primary series by a top teacher £16 + 3.50 p & p.

Laminated posters showing the 1st & 2nd Serieswith Shri K.Pattabhi Jois or his grandsonSharat Rangaswamy     Large 28"x 20" (70cm x 50cm) £15 Medium (50 x 34cm)  £10   Mini (35 x 25cm) £5. (Medium and Mini show Sharath only). Posted and packed in a sturdy tube, please add £1.80 p.& p. for one/ £2 for 2 posters

Yoga Mala by Sri K Pattabhi Jois.130 pp, illustrated paperback 3rd   ed. 2002.  It explains the philosophy and discipline of astanga yoga, benefits of yoga, breathing system & many other questions about the practice 12.90 + £2.50 p & p

River Of The Soul CD/DVD/Video by Danny Paradise, CD: 12 songs sung by Danny, Sting, Paul Simon & Edie Brickell. Guitar and top Nepalese backing £9 + £1.20 p.& p. Longer DVD version £11 + £1.20 p.& p.

His new CD is Travelers, Magicians and Shamans with 30 page illustrated booklet - pure music fun! Price 11 incl postage in UK. For pictures see

Sacred Sanskrit Words by Reema Datta & Leze Lowitz  238 pp, 2004, paperback. £13.50 + £2.50 p.& p. Reema's first CD Yoga Chants; her next CD Here’s my Heart  incl.1 track with Krishna Dass. 2 for 20 or 1 for 12 + £1.20 p.& p She is an astanga yoga teacher who taught worldwide with Danny Paradise
Moola Bandha,The Master Key by Swami Buddhananda,136 pp, p’back RRP £10 our price £8   
Books by LIZ LARK (teaches frequently in Oxford) are all published by Carlton (p.& p.: £2 for 1 or £3 for 2)

  • Yoga for Life 10 paperback
  • Astanga Yoga £15. Paperback 13
  • Yoga For Kids. 2002 Hardback only 15.
  • Healing Yoga co-written with osteopath Tim Goullet. 2005, 128pp. Hardback only 15.
  • 1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom ‘Practical ideas for a happier, healthier life’, 2009, 384pp. 10 
  • DVD 'YogaLibre, A Creative Practice' 14.90She’ll teach in Oxford 5-6 May 2012.  

Brian Cooper 'The Art of Adjusting' Hardback £16 + £3.50 postage

Richard Freeman. Details of his CDs, DVDs and new book The Mirror of Yoga (2010): please see separate sheet.

The Primary Series’ double CD by Derek Ireland. 8 tracks of grouped postures by a pioneer of Astanga Yoga. He was responsible (with Danny Paradise) for bringing Astanga to Europe from India. Derek is revered for his teaching and has inspired many of this generation’s great teachers, such as John Scott, Liz Lark and Gingi Lee. Before his death, in 1998, Derek made this recording of a led primary series class. He did so with a desire to pass on his enthusiasm and love for Astanga Yoga as taught to him by his guru Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. “Learning the sequence was like receiving one’s first gift – a new world had opened. Life would never be the same, beauty had entered and would continue to blossom” DEREK IRELAND.  Price £17/strong + £2 p.& p.  

Astanga Yoga As It Iss by Matthew Sweeney 23 + £2.50 p.& p.

Awakening The Spine by Vanda Scaravelli 191 pp, Harper USA paperback 1991. She developed a profound and liberating understanding of the interaction between gravity and the wave of the breath to lengthen the spine and release tension for true freedom and balance in yoga. £15 + £3.50 post & packing.

Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice by Mark Singleton 272pp, p/back, £11 + £3.50 p&p

A History of Modern Yoga: Patanjali and Western Esotericism by Elizabeth de Michelis, p/back (2005). Paperback by Continuum, 302 pp. 18.50 + £3.50 postage & packing.

The Origins and Practices of Yoga - A Weeny Introduction by Dr Matthew Clark 3.50 + 50p p & p

Yoga Mats download a leaflet - latest prices

Non-slip/washable YOGA MATS made in  Germany or UK .

Competitive wholesale rates - ask Ian for details.

  1. STANDARD 180 x 60cm x 3.5mm  pink blue &  turquoise  15  Made in Taiwan.
  2. THICK Oeko-Tex 183cm x 61cm x 4.5mm purple  dark blue & turquoise 20
  3. ECOMAT biodegradable latex & hessian 4mm thick, 183cm/6’ long. Made in  UK    The natural mat   Cheapest price in uk    lavender    vanilla  &  lichen green   RRP 43 33 Extra long ECOMAT 215cm/7ft long x 63cm x 4mm  lavender   43

  4. ULTRA EXTRA THICK BLACK 180cm/71”x 59cm/23.4” x 5mm 3 kg 50+ £9 p&p
  5. ASTANGA STUDIO MAT extra wide purple 185 cm x 66 cm x 6 mm  44 + 9 p & p

    Postage £7.50 per mat (unless stated) . To collect call Ian 01865-421234 or send cheque, payable to Ian Macdonald, 14 Chalfont Rd, Oxford OX2 6TH. To pay by bank transfer please ask for bank details.

ELEPHANT MAT BAGS in strong navy cranberry  pink black cotton fabric, adjustable shoulder strap, drawstring, concealed zip pocket; made by Yoga Malai Women's Cooperative in Sri Lanka, with elephant motif round base - making it a bag hard to forget! £13 + 2.50 postage & packing.

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