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LUCY CRAWFORD Workshop in OXFORD 21 – 23 February 2020

Lucy Crawford was authorised to teach by Shri K Pattabhi Jois in the mid 90s, whilst studying in Mysore. She qualified as a Craniosacral Therapist in 2004 and is currently a tutor at the Karuna Institute in Devon. Since the decades spent in the UK and New Zealand teaching alongside John Scott, Lucy has been teaching workshops, Teacher Trainings, CPDs and Assisted Practice Weeks at home and abroad. This is Lucy’s 4th solo workshop in Oxford. Details of her courses and workshops are all at

The Ashtanga Practice a movement breathing system. Each time we meet an Asana we take 5 – 8 breaths holding the body in relative stillness and simply fill the shape with breath. Supported by internal bandhas (body locks) to help control, direct and maintain the prana carried into the body through breath. The gaze points allow the mind to settle and keep us oriented to the midline of the body and Central Nervous System. Lucy’s approach to teaching is both verbal and hands on, giving value to the somatic education of the body through physical contact adjustment. The hands can deliver so much information with clarity of intention. The hands also receive information from the tissues of the body. Asana adjustments help to re-educate the body’s alignment. Each Asana is like a bead: first we meet its structure, its outer shell and then spend a lifetime deepening our relationship with it. Lucy will focus on the foundation and alignment of poses, assisting the free flow of Prana through the Nadi network of the body through connection to earth and natural gravity to find more space in the tissues. The free breath, and turning the mind to our senses, brings the state of Pratyhara, to receive oneself more fully in the moment. The counted method is a basic framework – keeping us from wandering the attention. Lucy enjoys going off piste, the exploration of the body terrain brings much richness back into the practice. The movement of Prana in the body, takes precedence and Lucy uses imagery to open each asana like a flower, with attention to gravity and space.

FRIDAY 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Talk through Half Primary Series – a focus on the legs – as support for the spine in the standing asana – finding our feet and standing our ground. A great way to begin!

SATURDAY 11 – 1pm

Following on from Friday evening, a talk-through Primary Series. Fun & explorative session, looking at how we shift the body weight from the shoulder girdle to the pelvic girdle., as we flow through the practice. The constant shift between two ends brings us into relationship with the spine and how best to support it clearly during the practice.

SATURDAY 2 – 4pm

Continuing on from last time, where we began to explore the spinal curves and how to work with them during the Asana practice. Lucy will deepen into this enquiry – looking at how strongly we bring our patterns of standing in daily life, into the practice of Yoga. This Workshop will explore how conditioned we are in both our movement preferences and our thinking. The BIG Question: Is it possible to affect the mind, and our thinking patterns through bringing intelligent change and new space into the body and to our movement patterns. This is Lucy’s enquiry for 2020. We will continue seeking maximum space in the spine by supporting its natural curves. We will look at the pelvis and its relationship to the hips and legs and feet.

SUNDAY 10 – 12

Following on from Saturday afternoon – Sundays talk through Primary Series – will focus on the mind. The thoughts, as they speak silently to our body throughout the practice. This internal dialogue affects how we feel and how we function. We first need to notice our thoughts while we practice, and how we might enhance the practice with kinder and more supportive thoughts to ourselves and our bodies.


We will complete with a focus on the cranium and the cervical spine, (neck) and its relationship to the spine as a whole. This will include some somatic work to access the deeper muscles and work with the eyes to help release some of the deeper tensions that we hold here. The neck is tied into our fight and flight responses and Lucy will cover some of this territory and we soften and release and end the day with a lying down meditation, listening to the action of cerebospinal fluid and its expressions of tidal motions through Primary Respiration. A lovely way to finish off, helping us to restore, balance and rejuvenate.

Lucy’s distinctive style of teaching has evolved over the last 25 years, from her direct experience with Shri K Pattabhi Jois, working alongside John Scott for 20 years and then her more personal practice of Massage/Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy alongside her practice and exploration in the field of Yoga. Lucy believes in developing Somatic awareness, connecting to our sensations, as the language and means of communication between ourselves and our bodies. Lucy is continually developing her unique adjustments, based on her knowledge of anatomy and has devised supportive stretches specific to each Asana.

There is an inherent intelligence in the body and we need to bring this into the light in all-body centred practices. Lucy has a background in aromatherapy, massage and bodywork, Chavutti Thirimal (Indian foot pressure massage), and for the past 18 years Craniosacral Therapy. Lucy teaches with a practical, sensitive, hands-on approach. Time will be spent exploring your practice under Lucy’s guidance with an attentive and informative approach to the new possibilities available to you through support, and alignment.

VENUE:FRIDAY/SATURDAY RICHARD BENSON HALL 271 COWLEY RD, OXFORD OX4 2AJ. scarce street parking or use car park behind Tesco 200yds along Cowley Rd to city ctre. SUNDAY: SUMMERTOWN CHURCHHALL, OXFORD OX2 7EZ Large stone building at corner of Banbury & Portland Rds, free parking at rear. A selection of yoga books, mats/mat bags, blocks, DVDs & CDs available. Free hot drinks and biscuits both venues.

COST: All 5 sessions £160, 1-4 classes @£35. Earlybirds paying by Feb 1st: all 5 sessions £145, 1-4 classes @£32. Full-time students/OAPs 65+/Benefit Claimants get £2 off per class. As classes are limited to 20 priority will be given to those able to attend all weekend.  Cancellations: if made more than 14 days before start of the workshop 10% is forfeited; if made 7-14 days before workshop 50% will be forfeited. Cancellations made less than 7 days before start of a workshop are not refundable unless a substitute is found, by you or us, in which case you will receive a 90% refund.

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Cancellations: if made more than 14 days before the workshop starts 10% will be forfeited; 7-14 days before 50%; less than 7 days before workshop start 90% is forfeited. Cancellations made less than 7 days before the start of a workshop are not refundable unless a substitute is found, by you or us, in which case you will receive a 90% refund.

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