Ian Macdonald


Ian Macdonald organises Astanga Yoga workshops and classes in Oxford with numerous skilled teachers from around the world, and has been doing so for over 28 years since the first workshop with Danny Paradise in 1989 with invaluable assistance from his wife Josephine.

His workshops have become renowned not only for the quality of teaching but also for the spirit of fun and conviviality in which they are conducted. See Workshops Diary page for more information.

In addition to workshops Ian sells a plethora of Yoga-related goods to aid and support aspiring yogis in their practice. An extensive array of mats, books, DVDs and charts is available. However, please note that no book or DVD is an adequate substitute for a good teacher.

Also included is a list of all the main classes and teachers around the UK*, especially in Oxford. So if you are keen to get to a class but have no clue where one might be, check this out. As Astanga has become increasingly popular and widespread there is bound to be one near you. *NOTE: This list is currently being updated by Ian and will be available very soon.

This website was originally created by Edward, Ian’s son. Edward has practised Astanga since he was 12 and attended Danny Paradise’s workshop in Brazil in 2010. The website consolidates all the various bits and pieces that Ian continues to send yogis by post, making the information easier to access. We hope this is helpful and look forward to seeing you in Oxford.

Josephine Macdonald